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    A charging station in the palm of your hand. Attaches to the USB port on the Action Camera.

    CX Portable Charger detects your device. Delivers the fastest charge.

    • High Capacity, small Size and more Power
    • Add a full charge to the Action Camera
    • Heavy duty adapter cable

    We also provide a heavy duty USB cable that you can attach to the Action Camera and put the charger in your pocket and keep the camera charged for more hours. It also comes with a padded carrying sack with drawstring for the battery and charging cable.

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    The CX Power Bank is 100 percent waterproof, snow proof and shockproof. The CX Power Bank comes with a built in storage chamber for your dedicated charging cable, such as a 1M iPhone lightning or Android connector or an Action Camera charging cable.

    The CX Power Bank is your complete power solution for life outdoors.

    • Waterproof – Full IPX7 Waterproof Rating up to 10M
    • Dustproof – Protection against Dust Particles
    • Shockproof – Shock and Impact Protection
    • Battery – 7500mAh High Capacity with 2.4A Fast Charge USB Port

    The CX Power Bank Kit includes:

    • CX Power Bank
    • USB Cable
    • Waterproof Adapter
    • Lanyard
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    Dirty Leopard Mini Rail Mount

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    Elastic Adjustable Head Strap for Action Cameras. Anti-Glide glue like original

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    The handheld camera extension pole is a must for selfies and other hard to get photos shots.

    • Can extend up to 40 inches
    • Compatible with cameras with 1/4-20 mount
    • Can achieve different types of shots while you are filming
    • Pocket sized & lightweight
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    The handle grip with adjustable sling is ideal for self recording while motorcycle riding, scuba diving, snowboarding to name a few. The hand held mono pod is designed with a standard 1/4-20 camera mount that will secure any Action Camera.

    The handle grip with adjustable sling is equipped with an elastic over hand strap to secure the mono pod to either hand.

    The handle grip with adjustable sling for  Cameras is lightweight, compact grip handle and is especially designed to be used with GoPro or CobraXtremeHD Action Cameras. The safety measures are taken to avoid any lose under the water while shooting by a wrist lanyard which keeps you intact with the camera while using other equipment. The bottom features a 1/4-20 threaded hole, so you can use it with any standard tripod.

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    Allows direct viewing from the Action Camera to any HDTV or monitor.  The HDMI cable is 36″ and has a standard and mini connection. Supports 1080p resolution.

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    • One-size-fits-all design with easily adjustable straps
    • Padded chin strap for a comfort fit
    • Durable Delrin Plastic mounting plate fits most Action Cameras
    • Waterproof case not included
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    The helmet friction mount is made to securely and quickly mount your camera on your sports helmet when skiing, skateboarding, bicycling. The helmet straps have non-slip rubber attached to the inside of the elastic straps.

    Just stretch it over your helmet and it is secure.  One size fits all styles of helmets.

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    Professional Quality Video at an Affordable Price

    Say goodbye to shaky or blurry video footage with a pioneering new smartphone gimbal. Anyone with a smartphone is now a videographer and photographer, and sharing creations on social media is now second-nature.

    However, shooting stable videos or photos with handheld smartphones is almost impossible.
    The CobraXtremeHD M1 with its 3-axis stabilizer was created to solve this issue and give any smartphone
    user the ability to master cinematography at an affordable cost, instead of investing in expensive professional filming equipment.

    • Unique design allows for super quick startup and use, no need for rebalancing every time after initial setup
    • Intelligent follow just point the device in the direction you want to shoot
    • ​Many shooting angles horizontal, portrait, under slung
    • Highly portable design, folds up and collapses for easier carry
    • Highly durable device, throw it in your bag without worry
    • Wireless firmware updates through the Snoppa App
    • Keep using the device even while recharging the battery through the micro USB port
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    The large side helmet mount is ideal for more extreme sports such as skydiving or snowboarding games.  It also will work on most helmets and can also be attached to motorcycle helmets as well.

    • Uses 3M VBH adhesive
    • Can mount on side or top of helmet
    • Pack of 5
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    Lightdow Waterproof Underwater Diving Light

    • Waterproof up to 30m / 98ft; Size: 75.5x41x61.5mm / 2.9×1.6×2.4inch
    • Integrated mounting system
    • Battery capacity: 900mAh(Same battery as LD4000 LD6000 use)
    • Running time: High light (1.2 hours); Low light (6 hours); SOS (7 hours) 
    • Perfect for shooting at night, diving, snorkeling or other rayless environments